Why Try Organic Produce?

We live in a society that values speed. We talk faster, we gather information faster and we produce goods and provide services at a speed that only a generation ago could not have been imagined. But along with speed comes the unwanted by-product – a lack of time. We are so focused on getting things done at the speed of light that we often neglect our health – and our eating habits reflect that neglect. It is so easy to fall prey to the lure of fast food that modern society is now facing an epidemic of heart disease and obesity. Perhaps it’s time we took a step back and started to think more carefully about our dietary choices – and many people are starting to do just that by choosing to consume organic produce.

Free of insecticides and other adulterants organic produce is simply a healthy choice. The produce is GMO-free and allows people to enjoy foods that are similar to those that our ancestors enjoyed. By choosing organic produce we avoid the pitfalls of filling our bodies with potentially harmful chemicals such as growth hormones that are increasingly becoming standard in the agricultural industry. It is not only adults who are exposed to potentially harmful pesticides. Organophosphorus pesticides have been shown to have potentially harmful effects on children – at the stage of growth when they will do the most harm. Thankfully simply switching to organic produce has been shown to eliminate those toxic chemicals from a child’s body in as little as two weeks.

Given the fact that organic produce is now widely available there is simply no good reason that we should continue to expose ourselves to the harm that modern agricultural practice has made seem inevitable. Organic just makes much more sense.

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