If You Want To Lose Weight Try This Weekly Workout Schedule!

Getting started on a weight loss journey can be complicated and overwhelming. It seems there are almost a limitless number of diets and nutrition plans that all hold the “secret” to magically fast weight loss.

Not to mention all the different workouts and pieces of exercise equipment. Just look at all the infomercials on television for different workout routines. Or equipment like Bowflex, Nordic Track, Nautilus, and The Total Gym.

It can be so confusing that many people give up before they even get started.

But weight loss doesn’t have to be complicated. However, it does have to be consistent, which means using an exercise program that can be followed pretty easily.

When it comes to a weekly workout schedule, you’ll want to train at least three days per week but not than four. This means either three days, such as Monday, Wednesday, and Friday or Monday, Wednesday, Saturday. You can adjust it a little to better fit your schedule. You could also just do every other day if that works for you.

Those three workouts are going to last for 20 to 60 minutes, depending on the workout. No two-hour marathon workouts. This does mean intense workouts, you won’t be pedaling the stationary bike while reading a magazine.

Our friends at Waist Trainer Reviewer (waisttrainerreviewer.com) says these three workouts should be a combination of resistance training and intense interval training. Resistance training allows you to keep your muscle while losing fat. If you don’t do resistance training a lot of the weight you lose will be muscle, not just fat and this will slow down your metabolism and make you skinny at. You want to get lean and strong, not skinny and soft.

To make things easy, all you need for these workouts are a simple kettlebell or dumbbell. Here’s a sample workout that can be used.

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds then rest for 30 seconds before moving to the next exercise. For exercises that say kettlebell, a dumbbell can be used instead.

Kettlebell Swings

Push Ups (can do regular, from knees, against a wall, any variation that makes it tougher or easier for you depending on your strength levels)

Bodyweight Squats

Jumping Jacks

Kettlebell Reverse Alternating Lunges

Mountain Climbers

Rest for 2 minutes after doing all the exercises and then repeat 4 more times for a total of 5 rounds.

Perform this workout on non-consecutive days. Never perform this workout two days in a row.

The rest days are very important. After intense interval and resistance training your body needs time to rest and repair itself so that it comes back stronger and more fit for the next workout.

One of the big reasons many people fail to see results from their workouts is that they succumb to the ‘more is better’ approach and start exercising two hours a day six days a week. This is a recipe for disaster.

Not only will you lose your motivation and burn out, but your body also will not be able to recover and repair itself, you’ll stop seeing results and may even get injured from too much exercise.

Rest days are important. Just make sure they are scheduled and a day off doesn’t become six weeks off!

Here’s one more simple tip that can really help boost your results. On the rest days, take a walk for a half hour. Nothing intense at all but getting out and walking will do wonders for your body’s recovery and help you get faster results.

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